Monadic Testing: A Survey Methodology for Concept Tests

Learn how monadic survey methodologies can provide clear, strategic direction on your product development process.

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A Guide to Competitive Analysis & How to Outperform Your Competitors

Learn all about competitive analysis and its frameworks along with a step-by-step guide to conduct competitive analysis and outperform your competitors.

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Four Critical Pieces of Market Research Your Investors Expect to See

Investors, banks, and venture capitalists understand that a sure thing doesn’t exist but it does not stop them asking for a tangible guarantee. For all the charisma anyone can offer, effective market research carries more weight as you can detail what value you are bringing to the market, who the obtainable market is, how you reach them and what weaknesses exist within your potential competition.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Survey Research Methodologies

The comprehensive guide to survey research methodologies covers all about survey research, its types, common uses, and the steps to design a great survey.

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How to Determine Market Potential of a Product (The 2022 Guide)

How do you determine the market potential, or demand for a product of service? Learn the basics and beyond from the experts at Starlight Analytics.

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Market Growth: Tap into Your Full Market Potential

Market growth rate is the change in a market’s size over a given period, typically expressed as a positive or negative percentage.

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