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Fuel your innovation with data - Custom AI-powered Research

Need fresh innovation ideas? Read more about our custom AI-powered methods that generate + prioritize new product ideas for your innovation pipeline.

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Concept testing: Real-time customer feedback to power your products + marketing

Need real-time feedback on your product or marketing idea? Concept testing helps you gauge customer acceptance + willingness to purchase your product before you go-to-market.

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Four Critical Pieces of Market Research Your Investors Expect to See

Investors, banks, and venture capitalists understand that a sure thing doesn’t exist but it does not stop them asking for a tangible guarantee. For all the charisma anyone can offer, effective market research carries more weight as you can detail what value you are bringing to the market, who the obtainable market is, how you reach them and what weaknesses exist within your potential competition.

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The NO BS Guide to Market Research Sample Sizes

We pull the curtain back on what you need to know about market research sample sizes from the terminology you will encounter, what factors will affect your budgeting expectations, and why sometimes you simply need to embrace the grey area and press ahead.

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The Hidden Reason Why Market Research Matters

While there are many self-evident reasons why market research matters, they all tend to center around one hidden reason: your intuition is not always right. By recognizing these implicit biases, and regularly challenging your intuition, you open yourself up to new business opportunities, and insights about your market + customers that run counter to your gut.

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