Fuel your innovation with data - Custom AI-powered Research

Need fresh innovation ideas? 

Let our custom AI-powered solutions help.

We take a custom, multi-method approach to generating and prioritizing ideas.

What you get:

search engine data
custom research to gauge interest and prioritize ideas

Use Case: Beauty

Finding new product whitespace for mascara

1. We use the power of search engine data to identify growing keywords unlocking hidden intent

google search trends

2. We scrape thousands of comments on blogs, forums, and review sites then use our machine learning and AI technology to organize and identify potential innovation opportunities

web scraping comments
topic and sentiment analysis

3. Finally, we take that collective 'raw' consumer input and do custom research to identify which innovation ideas have the highest potential for your business

generate innovation ideas
prioritize innovation ideas based on impact and scale

You come out of the research with a set of custom, AI-driven innovation ideas and guidance on which have the potential to be most successful with your target customers in approximately six weeks.

How can we help fuel your innovation with data? 

Contact us to get started.

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