Concept testing: Real-time customer feedback to power your products + marketing

More than 95% of new products fail...

Bad ideas with no demand, misguided marketing, the wrong price, the wrong target customer...there is so much you need to get RIGHT.

Luckily, it has never been faster or easier to collect real-time feedback on your product or marketing idea before you go-to-market.

Whether you are early in the process and only have a rough idea, or have fully developed marketing concepts, our rapid and customized consumer concept testing delivers you high quality results so you can steal share and stand-out in the market.

What you get:

concept testing kpis
key drivers analysis to understand the why
price sensitivity modeling to determine the right price

Use Case: Fashion/Apparel

Gauging customer interest for a new apparel item

1. Together, we work to put together a robust concept complete with imagery + copy to show your target customer.

We deliver back a set of critical KPI's to gauge interest, relevancy, uniqueness, and most importantly, willingness to purchase

product concept test kpis
product concept test kpis

2. Drivers analysis help us understand the 'why' behind the concept KPI's

What is driving a positive rating? What can you improve? 

What are the most important attributes + dimensions for your target customer?

key driver analysis product concept test
feature driver analysis two by two map

3. Using data analytics, we can identify the best possible price for your product

Too low of a price you leave money on the table...too high and you lose customers...we help you find your 'goldilocks' price range

price sensitivity modeling van westendorp line chart

We deliver back a clear and customized report with the results along with guidance on how well your product or marketing will perform, direction on what to improve, how to price your product, and a profile of who is most likely to buy your product.

How can we help you power your new product or marketing with data?

Contact us to get started.

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