We give companies the confidence to launch winning products

Our research provides the simplest, most in-depth way to understand your consumers’ needs, attitudes, and pain points so you can bring exceptional products to market.

The world is full of mediocre products. We want to help change that.

Ironically, this means that as a product market research company, we’re not that obsessed with product- we’re actually more obsessed with fit.

Our job is to speak to the only true experts on product/market fit- real-world consumers.

We ask them the right questions, in the right way, to unlock insights that help you save the world from more mediocre products- and fill it with exceptional ones.

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We make data-driven product decisions possible for companies of all sizes.

It all started when we noticed that most companies had only two options when it came to validating their product ideas and pursuing market-led product innovation: 

1) Using DIY survey tools in-house, and sacrificing methodology and depth of insights
2) Engaging big-name firms to undertake complex, time-consuming, and costly research.

No company should have to make the tradeoff between efficiency and quality in product research. We believe a custom approach to data-driven product development should be accessible for companies of all sizes.

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Quality you can count on; simplicity you can act on.

Rigorous research does not have to be complex. 

After 10+ years of supporting successful product launches for major international brands, we started Starlight to bring world-class, easy-to-read research to key product decision-makers. 

Our goal is to give companies confidence in their survey methodology while making the research more understandable, useful, and relevant. 

Using our data science expertise and best-in-class methodologies, we take the uncertainty and guesswork out of product research, while keeping our insights powerfully simple.

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Our research is powered by relationships.

We love helping companies learn about their consumers and apply insights in their day-to-day product decisions. 

That’s why we work in tandem with you every step of the way- using our 100% custom approach, we dig deep to ask relevant questions and uncover insights you can act on.

Forget predefined questionnaires and complex data dumps- we’re committed to providing you with a high level of bespoke dedicated service and attention to detail where it makes the most difference.

Person riding a bike wearing a tie and waving their hand


Our team had been using 'DIY' survey tools before finding starlight. We noticed a significant improvement in the quality of insights our research efforts produced when we started working with them. They help us ask better questions of our consumers, which in turn has helped us refine our ideas and launch a number of very successful products over the years.

Product Development for a leading Food & Beverage Manufacturer

This company really understands the challenges of bringing a product to market. Their years of product market research experience set them apart from some of the companies we have worked with in the past that try to be everything to everyone. We consistently get more than we pay for with them as every study comes with takeaways that are practical and considerate of our business strategy and the range of possible actions we can take

GMM for a leading CPG manufacturer
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